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Construction Cases for September 2019

September 16, 2019

Significant Cases and Decisions Affecting the Construction Industry

Attorney Joe BucciConstruction Attorney Joe Bucci has written the construction cases for the month of September for the Construction Channel, including Rustler Construction, Inc. vs. District of Columbia, 211 A.3d 187 (2019), Leigh of All Trades, LLC vs. Non-Flood Protection Assets Management Authority, 274 So.3d 64 (May 29, 2019), Advanced Foundation Repair, L.P. and Structural Repair, LLC vs. José and Nicole Mendez, 2019 WL 3432096 (July 31, 2019), Alutiiq Manufacturing Contractors, LLC vs. The United States, 143 Fed. Cl. 689 (U.S. Court of Federal Claims; June 27, 2019), and Arch Insurance Company vs. Centerplan Construction Company, LLC, et al., 2019 WL 3080920 (U.S. District Court, D.Connecticut; July 15, 2019).

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