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LERA Arbitration Panel on Final and Binding

Judicial Review of Arbitration Awards: Is Final and Binding Really Final and Binding

Ernie Orsatti will moderate the Southwestern PA Chapter of the Labor and Employment Relations Association‘s October 2019 program.

Arbitration awards are final and binding, right? Maybe not. Come join our experienced panel discuss:
• Under what circumstances arbitration awards can be appealed into federal or state court.
• What standard of review applies, and do federal and state courts use different standards?
• Are labor arbitration decisions held to any different standard of review than any other award?
• Do courts have the authority to vacate, modify or correct an award, or simply overturn it?
• What does arbitrator error, misrepresentation, or misapplication of the law really mean?
• Under what circumstances can an arbitrator exceed his/her authority?
• What does it take to prove an arbitrator’s manifest disregard of the law, bias, fraud, corruption, misconduct, undisclosed relationships or conflicts of interest, illegality, or incompetence?

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