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Initial Application for the Social Security Interview

October 14, 2019

Filing the Initial Application for Social Security

It takes a long time to get Social Security benefits. Before you are finished, we will have assisted you in filling out many, many forms and you will have waited a ling time for a final decision. The next few posts will help you understand the Social Security process.

The initial application for Social Security Benefits may be filed in person at your local district office, online or it may be done by phone by calling (800) 772-1213. Our Social Security Disability attorneys strongly advise that you wait for our written instructions and then call the 800 number  to schedule a telephone interview.

When you call Social Security, the representative will take some basic information from you (date last worked, brief description of your disabling condition(s), income information for SSI screening) and then set up a date and time to call you back to do the actual phone interview.

Once you have the date and time of your phone interview, please call our office to let us know this information.

When you have the phone interview, you should review and refer to the written instructions we sent to you as well as the Social Security Checklist – Adult Disability Interview and the Medical & Job Worksheet.

Once you file for benefits, we will file an Appointment of Representative with Social Security, which will allow us to represent you in this matter. The Appointment of Representation form is included in our initial Social Security packet which you complete when you sign up with Rothman Gordon.

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