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Allegheny County Residential Real Estate Assessment Tax Appeal

Rothman Gordon’s Lawyers offer free consultation and, if engaged, a flat rate to conduct your Allegheny County Residential Real Estate Assessment Tax appeal.

Allegheny County’s Common Level Ratio (CLR) for 2023 was recently announced as 63.6%, which is a significant drop from prior years. The change in the CLR may result in your home being over-assessed and you overpaying your share of real estate taxes. A successful or even partially successful appeal can save you thousands in the long run by lowering your property tax bill. If you believe your home is over-assessed, you should contact Rothman Gordon and its team of experienced attorneys to help you evaluate whether a real estate assessment tax appeal is right for you. Property owners can now file a 2023 real estate assessment tax appeal in Allegheny County. The deadline to file an appeal is March 31.

First step: File a Real Estate Assessment Tax Appeal

Real estate assessment tax appeals in Allegheny County are first made to the Board of Property Assessment Appeals and Review (“BPAAR”). For appeals to the BPAAR, we employ a special flat rate fee. The flat fee covers all legal services for appeals to the BPAAR, including meeting with you and filing the appeal, and then preparing for and attending the BPAAR hearing.

Our fee does not include the cost of a real estate appraisal, should one be necessary. If a real estate appraisal is needed, it is your responsibility as the property owner to employ a qualified appraiser to provide a written appraisal of your home and to pay the appraiser directly for the cost of their services. Although the choice of the appraiser is yours, upon request, we will provide referral information for several appraisers from whom you may choose.

Second step: Accept or Appeal the BPAAR’s Decision

Once you receive the result of your appeal, you and the taxing bodies may either: accept the decision or appeal the decision. If you decide to appeal BPAAR’s decision, or the taxing bodies appeal BPAAR’s decision, to the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, and you desire that our firm continues to represent you on appeal, you will thereafter be billed for our firm’s services based upon our current hourly rates. While it is impossible to determine in advance the amount of time that will be needed to complete all necessary work, in the event an appeal is taken, please be assured that we will do our best to keep your charges to a minimum consistent with the provision of proper legal service to you.

To have an attorney contact you about representing you in your Allegheny County Real Estate assessment tax appeal, fill in the contact form below or call (412) 338-1156.

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