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Title Insurance

Rothman Gordon has a full-service, in-house title insurance company – RGPC Closing Company, L.L.C. – that can provide title and settlement services in connection with commercial and residential processing of real estate transactions. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Ordering and review of title searches and title clearance
  • Issuance of Title insurance policies, Notary and Escrow Services
  • Complex commercial closings
  • Residential settlements with TRID guideline knowledge
  • Preparation of Agreement of Sale
  • SBA Loans

RGPC are agents in good standing with the following national title insurance underwriters:

RGPC has two licensed title agents with extensive experience of handling any transaction that fits the needs of their clients, from residential settlements to complex commercial closings. We assist with all aspects of the transaction from the title commitment to the issuance of the final title insurance policies, working closely with the parties to meet the contract closing date deadline.