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Whistleblower Claims

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Provisions in many federal and state laws protect employees/whistleblowers from retaliation for reporting illegal acts committed by their employers. For example, if you witness discriminatory behavior in the workplace and report it to the EEOC, your employer is not allowed to retaliate against you. Retaliation may include disciplinary action, demotion or re-assignment, firing, or a reduction in salary.

Rothman Gordon is an experienced employee rights law firm in Pittsburgh. We aggressively represent employees who have suffered adverse consequences for reporting illegal behavior.

You Did the Right Thing, so Why Should You Be Punished?

The whistleblower laws were enacted to protect people from workplace retaliation. You cannot be fired or disciplined for:

  • Reporting sexual harassment or discrimination in the workplace
  • Reporting environmental law violations by your employer
  • Reporting bribery or government corruption
  • Refusing to participate in the commission of an illegal act

You should not fear adverse consequences for reporting the illegal behavior of your employer. If you have suffered retaliation, Rothman Gordon will seek justice for you. Remedies in whistleblower cases vary according to the specific circumstances of each case and the employee’s preference. These can include compensation for lost wages and benefits, reinstatement or some combination of these. You may also be entitled to obtain attorney’s fees and in some cases, compensation for your emotional distress.

Protect Your Rights and Your Career

Our employment law attorneys have years of experience standing up for both private and public sector employees who have suffered retaliation and discrimination in the workplace. If you have been terminated, disciplined or denied a promotion in retaliation for reporting illegal behavior, we will tenaciously represent you. Contact us online or at (412) 338-1195.