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Strategizing and Preparing for Mediation

January 4, 2018

As more and more courts are encouraging or requiring Alternative Dispute Resolution, attorneys are familiarizing themselves with how to best prepare, both themselves and their clients, for mediation. Our mediators have mediated hundreds of cases in a variety of areas, including employment mediation, commercial mediation, real estate mediation, shareholder or partnership mediation, and trade secrets mediation. (View our mediation rates.) Louis Kushner and our team of mediators at Rothman Gordon have prepared a video series on how attorneys can strategize and prepare for mediation.

#1. Picking the Right Time to Mediate

#2. Choosing the Right Mediator

#3. Pre-Mediation Calls

#4. Preparing the Client

#5 Prepare a Position Statement

#6 Settlement Authority

#7 Making an Opening Statement

#8 Pre-Mediation Discussions

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