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Hearing from the Bureau of Disability Determination

November 22, 2019

After the initial Social Security Disability Benefits application has been filed, your application will be transferred from your local Social Security Office to the Bureau of Disability Determination in Greensburg, PA or Wilkes-Barre, PA for processing. Your file will be assigned to an adjudicator at the Bureau of Disability Determination. This adjudicator will contact you by phone and in writing. The adjudicator may call you to obtain updated information regarding medical treatment, medications and your work history.

The adjudicator at the Bureau of Disability Determination will send you a Function Report and/or Work History form to complete. Please complete these forms in pencil, use a pen to sign the forms (if a signature is required) and forward to our office for review. Someone at Rothman Gordon will contact you if we need to add or change information on the forms before we submit them to Social Security.

It typically takes 1 to 4 months for the Bureau of Disability Determination to work up your file, send you questionnaires for completion, gather and review medical evidence and issue a written determination.

The Bureau of Disability Determination also may schedule a Consultative Examination. A Consultative Examination is ordered when Social Security needs additional information to make a disability determination. The exam can be a psychological examination, physical examination, or medical tests (x-rays, breathing tests, etc.). IMA will contact you directly to schedule the appointment and then you should notify Rothman Gordon of the time and date of your appointment if we are representing you. IMA will provide an authorization to you to complete to release a copy of the report to your treating doctor. Please include our address on the form as well.

If you believe you should apply for Social Security Disability, you may contact our office online or call (412) 338-1183.

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