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Estate Planning and Administration

Estate Planning

Death comes to us all. We will encounter it many times in our lives with the final encounter being our own eventual demise. It is human nature to avoid the topic. No one wants to deal with his or her own mortality. Very often, the tendency is to put off estate planning to a later date.  We don’t want to deal with issues of death and the changes it brings until we must.  Unfortunately, by the time they are forced to deal with these events, our survivors are faced with choices and tasks that are made much more difficult than they would have been had we taken the time to plan for that day that we all must face.

It is our survivors, and not we, who must make the final decisions and who must go about the sometimes unpleasant, and often overwhelming task of handling our “final affairs.”  The administration of an estate can be difficult, but it does not need to be.  Proper planning and organization now, while you are living, will make it easier for your survivors.  Our Personal Information Workbook will help you organize your information for your loved ones. Request your free copy here. We believe estate planning is for everyone. Though thinking about what will happen after you pass away is not a pleasant experience, it is a necessary one to ensure that your loved ones will be taken care of according to your wishes.  Creating your Will, Power of Attorney and Healthcare Power of Attorney or Advance Directive/Living Will can be a quick and easy process that will provide reassurance to you during your life and comfort to your family and friends after you are gone.

Our Estates & Trusts lawyers work with you to create a plan that includes a Will or Trust, Power of Attorney and Healthcare Power of Attorney or Advance Directive/Living Will. Your plan will distribute your assets to the people you choose with the least possible tax consequences. At Rothman Gordon, we focus on four objectives:

  1. We work with you to ensure your assets reach the individuals or organizations in the manner you choose.
  2. We work to minimize the effect of federal and state taxes on the estate and beneficiaries.
  3. We assist you in providing for your minor children and naming their guardians in the event that you pass away.
  4. We counsel you regarding the selection of those who will act on your behalf.

Your estate plan will ensure the assets you have accumulated over your lifetime are passed on according to your wishes. We also understand that, beyond the technical aspects of an estate plan, there is a need to personalize the plan to meet the needs of you and your heirs. That is why we also provide succession planning and post-mortem planning to take advantage of tax provisions and achieve family goals.

Estate Administration

Our Estates & Trusts lawyers can administer estates in Pennsylvania, guiding the executor through probate and  assisting with paying any outstanding debts, paying applicable taxes, and distributing assets. Of course, after the death of a loved one, there is more to do then just administer the estate.