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FMLA and Pregnancy Discrimination

If you have experienced Pregnancy Discrimination or FMLA discrimination, contact us online or call (412) 338-1144.

The federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) prohibits punishing or firing employees for taking leave to care for a sick family member, and pregnancy discrimination against female workers for taking maternity leave. While most victims of this kind of action are women, men can also suffer discrimination for upholding their family responsibility.

Examples of Family Responsibility Discrimination

  • Mothers taking extra leave because of a doctor-ordered bed rest early in their pregnancy
  • Female employees fired or laid off for requesting extended leave due to a C-section or child birth complications
  • Women passed over for promotion due to a pregnancy or because they take regular leave to attend to their children
  • Fathers who take paternity leave following the birth of a child or to serve as a primary care-giver
  • Employers denying leave to workers to attend to family activities
  • An employer who docks employee paychecks for taking family leave

Family Responsibility and pregnancy discrimination is not always about losing your job. You may be denied a promotion, training, or opportunities. You may be put on an undesirable schedule or see a change in your assignments. You may receive poor reviews related to taking FMLA leave or pregnancy leave. Pregnancy discrimination is also illegal when you are applying for a job. Prospective employers should not question you about your family responsibilities.

If you have experienced discrimination by an employer due to family responsibilities, contact us or call (412) 338-1144 for a confidential consultation to discuss the details of your claim.