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Social Security Disability

Pennsylvania Social Security Disability Lawyers

Rothman Gordon’s Social Security Disability Lawyers represent injured and disabled individuals and their families, helping them obtain Social Security Disability benefits. Our attorneys will counsel you from the initial application for benefits through any denial processes and preparation for hearing. Social Security Disability reviews can be nerve racking.

What if I get a Disability Review Letter?

You may get a letter that more information is needed for your disability review. You may get a notice Social Security wants to review your case. Does that mean you will no longer get Social Security disability? How long do you have to wait for results from your disability review? Our Social Security Disability lawyers will explain what to expect at a SSDI review; assist you if you receive a letter about your disability review; and help you prepare for a continuing disability review or “CDR”.

Will MAWD help me if I want to continue to work?

For people with disabilities, finding a job or returning to work can be a challenge. The Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities (MAWD) program lets Pennsylvanians with disabilities take a job, earn more money, and continue to keep their full medical coverage.

Rothman Gordon’ Social Security Disability lawyers have been providing legal services to members of the Pittsburgh community and the surrounding areas including but not limited to Johnstown, Altoona, Erie, Allegheny county, Armstrong county, Beaver county, Blair county, Bedford county, Butler county, Cambria county, Fayette county, Greene county, Huntingdon county, Indiana county, Lawrence county, Washington county, and Westmoreland county for over 60 years.

Questions about your Social Security Disability Case?

While the U. S. Social Security Administration provides information on Social Security Disability, it can still be a long and difficult process. While it is not required, you should consider engaging a Social Security Disability Lawyer to help you through the process. We invite you to consult our Social Security Disability Frequently Asked Question. You may also contact our Social Security Disability Intake Coordinator or call us at (412) 338-1183 to discuss your particular situation.

 Our Social Security Disability Lawyers have experience with:

  • Creating a safety net of future monetary sources for the injured worker
  • Preserving an injured worker’s social security account so there is something significant to draw upon at retirement age
  • Coordinating a person’s right to receive workers’ compensation and social security simultaneously
  • Educating clients that they can receive benefits from both private LTD and pension plans, as well as the social security disability program
  • Coordinating a person’s right to receive social security disability and long-term disability benefits
  • Helping to have the injured worker’s Medicare benefits commence as soon as possible
  • Ensuring that a disabled worker’s minor children receive the additional benefits to which they may be entitled
  • Helping the injured worker apply for benefits before they have been off for twelve months
  • Counseling the widow/widower on their rights to benefits from a spouse’s account
  • Assisting in procedural hurdles to appeal initially adverse decisions or denials
  • Assisting people who receive a Continuing Disability Review Notification

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