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Severance Agreements

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If your employment has been terminated, your employer may offer you a severance agreement package. While it may be tempting to sign it right away, you have the right to have an experienced employment attorney review the document, within a reasonable time frame.

What to Understand Before Signing a Severance Agreement

Often people are rightfully worried about providing for themselves and their families until they can find a new job. They just look at how much pay they will get in their severance package and then sign the papers. But severance agreements can be high technical, with terms that seem unimportant at the time, but could create difficulties later. The agreement may contain a non-compete provision, which could hinder your job search, preventing you from taking a position with a competitor. It may restrict your right to sue your employer for wrongful termination, even if you were terminated for an illegal reason. Although this is a difficult time, you owe it to yourself to fully understand what your soon to be ex-employer is asking you to sign.

Contact Our Pittsburgh Employment Law Attorneys

If you have been given a severance package to review, it s worthwhile to have an experienced employment attorney review the document and go over it with you so you understand exactly what you are signing. In some cases, we can help to negotiate better term – perhaps more severance pay, job search assistance, or better non-compete agreement terms. Call (412) 338-1144 or contact us online to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced lawyers.