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Severance Agreements

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If your employment has been terminated, your employer may offer you a severance package. It is important to have an experienced lawyer review the agreement to ensure that your rights and future employability are protected. At Rothman Gordon in Pittsburgh, our lawyers have vast experience helping employees protect their rights.

Know Your Rights Before Signing a Severance Agreement

When you are facing termination, your mind may be clouded with questions and concerns about finances, breaking the news to your family and securing new employment. Out of fear or confusion, many people are tempted to sign a severance agreement on the spot. However, you have a right to review the document with an attorney within a certain time frame.

Severance agreements are highly technical documents. They often contain non-compete provisions that could limit your future employment opportunities or restrict your right to sue your employer for wrongful termination. It is important that you have a complete understanding of the terms of a severance agreement before signing it.

Our lawyers will review your agreement and help you understand its terms. If you are unsatisfied with the compensation or number of weeks of severance offered or any other aspect of the agreement, we will negotiate with the employer on your behalf. We are known for a superior track record of success, which usually results in higher levels of compensation for our clients.

Contact Our Pennsylvania Employment Law Attorneys

If you have been given a severance agreement to review, make sure your rights are protected. Call (412) 338-1195 or contact us online to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced lawyers.