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Commercial, Residential & Industrial Development

Commercial Development Attorneys

Whether you want to develop a 200 acre tract of land into a residential development, shopping complex, industrial park, or mix of all three, or only want to convert your duplex into a two-unit condominium, Rothman Gordon’s Commercial Development attorneys have the experience to guide you. With a long history of serving the real estate needs of industrial, commercial, and residential developers, builders, institutional lenders, and community and condominium associations, the real estate department of Rothman Gordon has a team of attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants with years of practical experience and knowledge that is recognized by not only our clients, but also by the municipalities where zoning, subdivision, and land development approvals must be obtained before development can begin. Because of our extensive work in assisting developers and those who work with them, we know the people to call, when to call and what to say to help jump-start your development in a cost-effective manner.

Acquisition, Zoning & Subdivision

If you plan to acquire vacant land for development, we can assist you with all aspects of property acquisition, including pre-acquisition evaluation of whether the proposed use is feasible under current land use ordinances. We can introduce you to surveyors, engineers, and environmental consultants to help you evaluate whether the land can be used in the manner you propose. We can assist you in obtaining subdivision and land development approval for your development and help you in resolving any zoning issues that could affect the development.

Title Insurance Company Agent

As a title insurance company agent, we can assist you in obtaining title insurance for the property and examine and evaluate the real estate title reports to determine whether any restrictions will affect the proposed development.


If you are financing the acquisition or development of the property, we can help you to locate a lender to finance the project or, if you have a lender, review and negotiate the financing documents your lender proposes. In days when escalating soft costs of real estate development affect the profitability of a project, Rothman Gordon works hard to resolve problems quickly and cost-effectively, so that the money you spend on legal assistance increases your profits and not just your costs.