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Class action suit filed for illegally taxed 5-Hour Energy Supplements

October 8, 2020

Attorney Frank Salpietro has filed class actions on behalf of Christopher Lisowski, Michael Barger, and all similarly situated consumers, alleging that Giant Eagle, Walmart and Target have been charging sales tax on 5-Hour Energy and other dietary supplements. Products labeled as dietary supplements are exempt from Pennsylvania sales tax.

The complaint alleges that the stores illegally misappropriated consumer funds, which could amount to over $1 million. Furthermore, the Complaints allege that the retailers’ actions constitute unfair trade practices in violation of Pennsylvania law—thus requiring the retailers to pay affected consumers statutory damages of at least $100 each, plus attorney’s fees.

If you have been charged sales tax on 5-Hour energy at Giant Eagle, Walmart or Target, contact us online or call (412) 338-1185.

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